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What a happy surprise to find an invitation in my inbox last week to the opening night of Patrick Süskind‘s The Double Bass at Sandton’s Auto & General Theatre on the Square!

Thank you, Wenchy!

Many people don’t know this, but I was accepted to Pro Arte for Drama many, many years ago.

It has been a very long time since I’ve indulged in the theatre experience, which is sad because I ADORE theatre! So I jumped at the chance to drag my David off to Sandton to see the show with me.

This was my first visit to Theatre on the Square and I simply love the venue!




Media release:

Daphne Kuhn
by arrangement with Rosica Colin Limited London presents

translated by MICHAEL HOFMANN

17th February – 14th March

directed by ALAN SWERDLOW
set and lighting by DENIS HUTCHINSON


Internationally renowned, award-winning play, THE DOUBLE BASS, opens at the Auto & General Theatre on the Square in February. Daphne Kuhn has assembled a stellar team to bring you an original South African production of this much celebrated work. The illustrious award-winning, Alan Swerdlow will direct highly acclaimed and versatile actor, Pieter Bosch Botha in this delightful piece which will be designed by Denis Hutchinson. The play is written by the German author Patrick Suskind, who is most known for writing the famed novel and film, “Perfume”.

THE DOUBLE BASS is a serio-comic monologue that explores a double bass player’s relationship with his instrument, illuminating both the instrument’s and the player’s supporting role in the orchestra as well as in life. The character is caught in the claustrophobic world of his soundproof, hermetically sealed apartment. He is on his own with his dissatisfactions, desires and dreams. The only companion that he has is the heavy, solid, raw insurmountable double bass. The instrument is alternately characterized as feminine, reliable, discriminated against, and simultaneously protesting and threatening revolution.

The play is a delightful allegory of the downtrodden who are crying out to be heard, set in the elegant world of classical music. The play is liberally dosed with comic overtones and is a must for lovers of legitimate theatre and music.

When Süskind wrote “Perfume”, he described smells with such imagination and accuracy that to read the book is like smelling with your eyes. In his one-man play THE DOUBLE BASS, which he wrote before the novel, he proves his prowess and gift for writing in many genres.

THE DOUBLE BASS was first staged in Munich in the eighties and has since become one of the most performed plays in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It has also been performed at the Edinburgh Festival and at the Royal National Theatre in London. The Auto & General Theatre on the Square is proud to present its professional debut of the play in Gauteng.

Bookings can be made by calling the theatre’s box-office on tel. 011 883-8606,
via Strictly Tickets on tel. 082 553 5901 or on-line:

Enquire about group discounts, dinner show packages and Tuesday specials.


It was marvelous to be able to dress up and slip away from life for a couple of hours, sip a glass of wine and immerse myself in something that requires nothing of me but my presence (mental and physical). I found myself nodding furiously a number of times throughout the show, or nodding and laughing, when I wasn’t coasting right along with the double bassist on his emotional ride of frustration, passion, disdain and longing. It is astounding and humbling that a single actor is able to engage an audience so intensely for close on two hours!

This show is a must for anyone who has ever been involved on any level in the performing arts or for anyone who’d like a glimpse into the mind of a performing artist. And if you do go and see it, remember to tweet @TheatreOnSquare using the hashtag #DoubleBass!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of complimentary tickets to the opening night of the show in the hope that I would blog about it. Everything in this post besides the media release text and photo is my own opinion.

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  1. Thank you so much for attending and the fabulous review!

  2. Sounds wonderful!!
    I have not been to the theatre in ages myself.


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