On Sunday, David and I celebrated our twelfth wedding anniversary.

It was a good day, nothing like anything I would have planned for us. We spent it with the kids at Dikhololo, courtesy of David’s folks, who had booked us the weekend there months ago.

I was pretty miffed at first because I felt that our anniversary plans should have been our own to make and that, by booking us the 6-sleeper chalet, which was obviously so that we could take the kids with us, our special day had kind of been hijacked.  But the weekend rolled around and I started packing and by the time we were on the road, I was fine.

We spent a lot of time swimming at the resort. There was no shortage of swimming pools and, given the current heat wave blistering across the country, even I was not averse to being in the water. And anyone who knows me knows that I am NOT known for my love of swimming…

We also spent a lot of time eating ice cream and sleeping while the kids glued themselves to Cartoon Network – something we are adamant will not become a fixture in our home.  And David and I sipped a few Original Iced Mojitos and enjoyed a bottle of wine out on our little verandah in the evenings, gazing at the sky and listening to the quiet of the bush around us.

We didn’t really do much thinking about things or talking about work or making grand, romantic gestures. We really just took the time out and enjoyed it for what it was – a weekend away from everything. So much so that I didn’t even bother taking any photos, except for this one, hastily snapped selfie, with my finger in the shot, taken on Sunday. ( If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen it.)

Us, on our 12th anniversary
Us, on our 12th anniversary

We’ve weathered some storms in our years together and for much of it, life has seemed a bit of a slog. Not in terms of *us* but rather, us against the world or in the world and all its chaos and with all its curve balls.

But we’ve also had some amazing adventures, travels, experiences and good times. And it seems to me that this year, we are on our way to bigger, better things.