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When the Going Gets Rough

This past week or two, for the first time since we took the plunge and branched out on our own, I felt disheartened and uncertain about the future of my little company. We spent eight long months working on this one big project that was supposed to kickstart our journey forward.  We poured every resource we […]

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Like (to be) a boss

This morning, I read Stacey’s latest post over at Living Lionheart and immediately went to comment. But my comment started growing pretty long, pretty quickly, so I decided to blog it instead. Reading that post, it hit me that my life is in a state of nowhere-ness. I’m a stay at home mom but not […]

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What’s Up?

I’m kind of vague when I talk about what it is that I’m so busy doing, that keeps me from blogging or being present in my interwebs circles in general. Generally, it’s because getting into the details would probably bore you to death but largely it’s because I’m lazy. But I was thinking about it […]

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