A Long Overdue Catch-up

Can I ask a serious question?

HOW do all of the other bloggers manage to find the time, not only to write blog posts but to figure out all the “pro” stuff like creating awesome looking photographs and graphics and do the necessary blog maintenance?

I can barely throw together a post per month these days and my “grand blog makeover” has stopped short at a new header and logo. Beyond that, I simply don’t know what next, or when I’m ever going to find the time to explore all the different themes, or read up and figure out how to take beautiful photos, or to play around with design tools like Canva and the like. Seriously, when everyone else also has a job, kids, life stuff, how do they also manage to do the blog stuff? Do they pay other people to help them do it? Do they know something about something that I have just completely missed? Do they work harder than I do to fit everything in?


And on that note, let’s take a look at all the stuff I wanted to blog about over the last two months:

First, there was the Jacaranda FM/Discovery Spring Walk. I mentioned the pre-event activation in my last post, I think. The event itself took place at the Pretoria Botanical Gardens on 10 September and D and I were treated to VIP entry, parking and hospitality… And at the end of it all, I was gifted my very own Fitbit Charge HR!! I could not be more thrilled – this is something I’ve wanted for absolute aaaaages but have always felt I could not justify buying for myself when there’s always something we need for the house or one of the kids…

Then, I meant to do a follow up on the Argan Oil giveaway I did in August. I think I may actually take this one up in a separate post, as there were some lessons learned here.

Another awesome event I got to go to with my little boys was the Secret Life of Pets event at the Mall of Africa – we were treated to Krispy Kreme donuts, face painting, balloon animals, some fun photo snaps and we got to see the movie, which my boys really enjoyed.

In between all of this, I received my first proper Blogger drop, even though I pulled out of attending the event at the last minute due to work obligations. I am definitely going to pick up on this one in the near future – PediaSure has changed my life!

And then I also finally got around to trying out Uber for the first time and I really wanted to document my experience and thoughts on the service… Perhaps I’ll find a few moments to squeeze in a post about this at some point in the not too distant future, too.

Clearly, I have no shortage of blogging material, so that’s not the issue. The issue is that I don’t want to write these half-arsed mentions of things instead of proper posts. But I simply don’t have hours – even half hours! – to spend blogging.

Common sense tells me that I should stop worrying too much about my blog’s look and just focus on the writing. But in my heart, after so many years, I feel like my little corner on the line should at least *look* as though I’ve been keeping up to speed…

Still, I guess that just sitting down to post this is something. I’ve also created a Facebook page for my blog, but I am still figuring that out, too. I’ll get there eventually, I suppose. In the meantime, tips and suggestions are welcome.


2 Replies to “A Long Overdue Catch-up”

  1. I don’t do the photo thing because of time. But I figure a post with some imperfection is better than letting it get in the way of posting. I’ve been getting the year post a day challenge right because I don’t do the perfection thing. Also, scheduling posts when inspiration strikes goes a very long way in keeping posts going onto your blog.

    Also we don’t all have to be pros at this. Write for you.


  2. I haven’t posted on my personal blog for over a month because of this same problem but I am committed to a certain number of posts for SA mom blogs and I have gotten into a routine for that. I do wish I had more hours in the day. But you just do what you can. Sometimes a blogging idea you had can become something else later or summarised in another post like what you have done here. I do like your header though.

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