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D and I got a pair of complimentary tickets to see the new Jason Bourne movie last night.

Because D’s been so busy lately, we ended up being late and missing the beginning but we saw enough to follow the story.

I have to admit to being a bit disappointed, not because the movie didn’t deliver – I mean, let’s face it, the fifth in a series is hardly going to be groundbreaking stuff – but because the cinematography was awful!

I would have really enjoyed the story, old and done-to-death or not, if I’d been able to look at the screen without getting vertigo! I don’t know if this is some new style of filming or if it’s because we sat quite close to the screen (again, being late means you don’t get great seats – that’ll teach us!) but probably 80% of the film was just a blur!

That said, the two of us rarely get to slip out and see a movie, so it was really good to take a little break!

I also really wanted to thank Sharon Naidoo and UIP (United International Pictures) for the opportunity – and for the complimentary drinks & popcorn; Movies just aren’t the same without them!

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