As mentioned in my last post, I received a random tweet a couple of weeks ago from a guy I didn’t know, asking for my email address. Normally, I’d give a superficial, no-answer type response and move on but I had a look at his profile and noticed that he was connected to a number of people I know, so I sent him my email address.

Two days later, I sat in the boardroom at Flume Digital Marketing, interviewing for a job there. There was a bit of a test, a little bit of a wait and I started at Flume this past Monday.

So far, it’s been amazing. Everyone has been incredibly kind and welcoming. And understanding of the adjustment it has been for me, moving out of the freelance space after several years.

I am both thrilled and terrified but I look forward to learning and growing into this new role and, in time, hopefully expanding beyond it.

There are a few other things I’ve been meaning to blog but I’m going to hold onto those for a bit longer and give this exciting news this little space of its own.


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